Life Coach • Professional Growth Coach • Leadership & Strategy Advisor

The Heartbeat — Samantha Crowe, PhD, ACC

Samantha Crowe, PhD, is a life and professional growth coach, leadership and strategy advisor, mompreneur, and recovering neuroscientist. She founded Evalia Consulting LLC with a fundamental belief: When passionate people are empowered, anything can happen.

Samantha works with folks from all walks of life. She holds a special place in her heart for old souls, creative thinkers, and intuitive dreamers. And, perhaps nothing lights the fire in her belly more than women who are ready to take back their life and unleash their true voice.

The Vision

Samantha is committed to serving all who have an internal spark lit by pursing a life of purpose. Her vision?

A world made better by empowered creators, leaders, explorers, healers, and dreamers.

In pursuit of this mission, Samantha uses her gifts to serve through 1:1 coaching, speaking, consulting, and writing. This includes her work through Evalia Consulting as well as partnering and volunteering with organizations committed to changing lives through empowerment, advocacy, and the promotion of social prosperity.




The Value

Samantha has explored the world as a neuroscientist, strategic advisor, leader of tribes, and coach. She understands how great minds and ideas get stuck. And, she has shaped a career around getting them “unstuck,” earning a reputation as a —

  • “Go to” thought partner and strategist
  • Roadmap designer
  • Idea activator
  • People and team cultivator

A life-long learner, Samantha continuously builds her coaching value through an ICF (International Coach Federation) Accredited Coach Training Program, learning partnerships with other coaches, and work with her own mentor coach. She is also an active global member of the ICF.

The Journey

Samantha Crowe, PhD, began her career as a neuroscientist. She earned a doctorate degree with distinction from Georgetown University studying brain injury. Samantha then became a research associate at the National Institutes of Health where she studied emotions and decision making. After more than 10 years in academic research, Samantha decided to pursue an opportunity to use her expertise and strengths at a global consulting firm. As a consultant, she built a multimillion dollar portfolio, developed effective teams, and advised military health leaders. Samantha then advanced to an internal consulting role at one of Washington, DC’s most influential industry trade associations, serving as a chief of staff and senior advisor to executive leaders.

In mapping her professional journey looking forward, Samantha could not ignore her heart any longer. She realized her most meaningful contributions involved empowering people and helping them achieve their dreams. She was inspired by the power of professional coaching in her own life. And, she knew that fulfillment meant aligning her strengths, passion, and life purpose. And so began the story of Evalia Consulting.