Our clients are diverse. They live all over earth. They work across sectors and industries and range from rising talent to C-suite executives. They include entrepreneurs, creatives, and folks from Fortune 500 companies, the government, and the U.S. military.

Facebook engineer, mompreneur, sports pro, Special Forces leader, music producer…so different yet very much the same. They’re all humans who want:

? To be braver and more wholehearted in living and leading

? To quiet the gremlins in their head and lean into fear and vulnerability so they can shine brighter

? More connection with themselves, their purpose, and the world around them

? To be more than a label or role or book cover. To be a complex tapestry of paradox and color.

People are people are people.

We love what we do and take pride in serving these clients at our highest level. But what does this mean for you? Well, here is what our clients have to say about what it means to them.

Inspiring a deeper understanding of my abilities, fears, and passions

I wholeheartedly recommend Samantha Crowe to anyone ready to improve their lives through coaching. I was lucky enough to find Sam at a point of transition in my life, as a new mom balancing a demanding job. Her coaching technique blends together attentive listening and targeted questioning that provoke deep thought and homework. Her strategic, holistic, and generous approach guided me through a personal reflection on my life and career, inspiring a deeper understanding of my abilities, fears, and passions. I feel more empowered after working with Sam, and grateful to have had an accountability partner to help me conquer a challenging time.

Senior Leader, U.S. Federal Government

The perfect choice for my needs

Working with Sam, in my first career coach experience, far exceeded my expectations. From the initial intake process through the end (at least for now) of our engagement, Sam helped me to learn so much about myself, about today’s employment landscape, and how to create a strategy for career success. She has a very transparent approach that allows you to decide if she is the right partner and what you want to focus on wherever you are in your journey. I now have the confidence and knowledge to do what I knew I needed to do but didn’t know where to start. Highly recommended in a competitive field of other highly qualified professionals! Sam was the perfect choice for my needs.

John M.
Corporate Marketing Manager and Leader

I am more empowered, confident, and focused

I am more empowered, confident and focused toward my goals since my coaching sessions. I found a safe space where I can talk about my roadblocks and dilemmas, while Samantha listens carefully and empathetically. The support and feedback that I receive is constructive and pragmatic. After every coaching session I feel energized and ready to take action.

Mariangeles C.
Entreprenur and Sustainability for Financial Institutions Consultant

Great Work

Dr. Crowe/Sam helped me understand that executive coaching is not an indulgence only for the most successful, but a necessary mentoring for any professional to optimize decision-making and maximize potential. I recommend Sam to anyone starting a new business, position, or project, as well as to those looking to advance performance and career. She has the skill to get you to recognize things you already know, and weave these together with her own insights into a plan of action. Great work.

Sean M.
Chief Executive, Science Distributed