We have chosen to master our boundaries

It’s time.

Time to draw our perimeters and put up loving, glorious boundaries. Time to honor where we end and others begin. Time to give our time, talent, and treasure to the people and goals that matter most.

It’s time to boldly allow the world to see, honor, and love our truest selves.

Because if not now, when?

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Will you join our journey?

How do you know whether you want to travel with us?

Well, you are here, so something inside you is saying, “Yes!”

To dig a little deeper, ask yourself whether any of these symptoms resonate with you.

✓ I say, “Yes,” while my inside screams, “No!”

✓ I take responsibility for others’ actions or well-being.

✓ I carry resentment from times when my needs and limits weren’t honored…by others or myself.

✓ People constantly let me down or fail to understand my needs.

✓ People take advantage of me. Takers and narcissists flock to me.

✓ People constantly offer me unhelpful (or hurtful) unsolicited advice and criticism.

✓ I am exhausted and stuck in obligation overwhelm.

✓ I shape shift to avoid conflict or make people happy. I tell myself, “I’m happy if they are,” even when my heart knows this is a lie.

✓ I constantly put out fires and clean up messes caused by others.

✓ I say, “It’s fine,” to people, but then complain about them or later punish them through passive aggressive behaviors.

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. We’re here with you.

Are you ready now?

Wanting to travel with us is an AMAZING place to be. But are you ready?

Are you ready to STOP —

  • Being taken advantage of
  • People pleasing and over functioning
  • Over committing and trapping yourself in obligation overwhelm
  • Bleeding into where others begin
  • Giving to that which doesn’t nourish your heart and soul
  • Hiding your true self

Can you COMMIT to —

  • Working in a virtual group setting with compassion, trust, and respect
  • Owning your power
  • Being responsible for your life
  • Choosing temporary discomfort over future resentment and exhaustion
  • Prioritizing your authentic self and that which matters most
  • Growing your self-compassion
  • Learning to look inward for your sense of worth
  • Giving the time, energy, and resources required to act

If you aren’t quite ready, we understand. Let us know when you are.

If you are…Woo hoo! Let’s do this!

The Mastering Bountiful Boundaries Group Coaching Program

To support those who are ready, I’m launching a NEW group coaching program.

Why did I create this program?

Because I want a life of bountiful boundaries for you. A life where you communicate your preferences and limits with ease. A life where you feel time, energy, and resources are abundant. A life where you are seen, heard, and honored for who you truly are.

What will you do in this program?

  • Give yourself a boundary wellness check up
  • Find your boundary holes and gates
  • Learn why you struggle with boundaries and how to stop
  • Draw a new boundary map
  • Add new awareness and strategies to your boundary tool box
  • Begin setting and honoring your boundaries

Program Details

Program Options

  • 4, 60-minute group coaching sessions held LIVE via Zoom (phone option included)
  • Weekly exercises to apply your learning and expansion
  • A close-out plan for setting your boundary intentions and goals
  • New knowledge, awareness, and tools + some laughs, cries, and fun

  • Everything in Option 1 +
  • 2, 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to support you after the group ends

*** Already have 4-6 people interested in personal or professional development? Let us know (scrowe@evaliaconsulting.com), and we’ll work to schedule your very own group.***