Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We all seek meaning and satisfaction in our lives. In this pursuit, we work to achieve personal and professional goals. We look for ways to learn and grow. We strive to develop and expand.

As we voyage, life changes, and challenges arise. We encounter fear, worry, and resistance. We become overwhelmed, and lack clarity. But, if we believe in possibility and value ourselves and the gifts we’ve been given, we keep moving forward.

One of our biggest roadblocks is we forget we are wired as social beings and surrounded by an abundance of wisdom, talent, and heart. We do not need to walk alone, nor should we. Our journey can be aided by different types of support: parenting, friendship, mentoring, education, consulting, therapy, and coaching. Each support type serves a different purpose and provides unique value. Sometimes we need one (or a few) support types; other times, we need a bit of each type.

You are here because you’ve chosen to not journey alone. You want to invest in yourself by partnering with a coach. Let us help you get started by answering a few questions:

What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. This partnership encourages client self-discovery and elicits client-generated ideas and solutions.

In line with this definition, we commit to serving our coachees as their thought partner, collaborative explorer, judgment-free sounding board, and champion. We —

  • Help you find your authentic self and align all aspects of your life to who you truly are
  • Help you clarify your vision, values, needs, and goals to guide your decisions and actions
  • Become an accountability partner to support your progress and momentum
  • Work with you to understand “what is” and the possibilities for “what’s next” rather than focusing on “what was”

There are hundreds of things to work on with a coach. Learn more about our favorite areas of partnership.

How Do I Work With You?

Once you contact us, we will “meet” during a free, discovery coaching session held via telephone (or Skype if you are located outside of the United States). The goals of this session are to —

  • Help you understand whether coaching meets your needs
  • Learn how well we partner together

If we are a good “fit,” and you want to establish a coaching relationship, you will sign a coaching agreement and complete a coachee intake package. The intake package is designed to elicit self-reflection and awareness, serving as the first step of your coaching experience.

What Should I Expect?

Coaching agreements vary based on your unique needs. In general, you will likely participate in two to three 1:1 coaching sessions each month. Each session is ~50 minutes in duration. We recommend being coached for a minimum of 3 months, with most coachees choosing to establish longer-term relationships. You can end your coaching at any time, per the terms of your agreement.

Coaching sessions are held via telephone or, if you are located outside of the United States, Skype. At the session start, you describe what you want to be coached on and the result you seek from the session. Sometimes, you will want to think through a problem or opportunity to gain new awareness or ideas. Or, you may want to set a new goal, strategy, or action plan. You may decide you want help identifying your values, needs, or limiting beliefs. We can work on many things together. However, the ultimate intent is to always help you move towards your life vision.

Who Is The Coach?

Our clients are coached by Evalia Consulting’s founder, Dr. Samantha Crowe. Samantha is a coach, strategist, neuroscientist, and mompreneur. She combines her unique experience and expertise to provide holistic coaching that takes into account how our minds work and, importantly, acknowledges the inextricable links among the different pieces of our lives:

  • Relationships: Family, Partners and Spouses, Friends, Community, and Self
  • Finances
  • Career or Contribution
  • Learning and Personal Growth
  • Health
  • Self-Care
  • Spiritual Well Being or Growth
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Physical Environment

Are We A Match?

A message from our founder and coach:

Finding a “best fit” match between coach and coachee is one of the most important parts of creating a valuable, effective coaching relationship. You have your own style, personality, life experience, and energy. So do coaches. You don’t want to partner with someone who makes you feel drained, unheard, or “off,” and I don’t want that for you. (And, I sure as heck don’t want that for me, either.) You can get to know me better through my blog and Facebook business page. And, I would love to share a few facts about my typical clients and how I coach.

I work with the clients who I am best fit to serve. I am honored to accept into my practice those clients who can most benefit from my gifts and strengths. If I feel I cannot serve you best, I will be honest with you, and I am happy to refer you to other coaches.

I serve diverse clients; all are unique. At the same time, they tend to share a few characteristics. My clients —

  • Are passionate and committed to learning and growing
  • Seek change and meaning
  • Believe they have gifts to give to the world, even if they struggle to find the confidence to share their gifts
  • Want to grow their light and share it with others
  • Feel they are meant to be part of something bigger than themselves
  • Are done with letting other people, circumstances, or fears control their life
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Possess a rich, complex inner world hidden in their minds
  • Love to talk through (or write out) their thoughts to process their world and generate insight and awareness
  • Want to break down the walls and filters and be their authentic selves

I give my best. I show up to every coaching conversation fully present. I also put significant resources and time into my personal and professional growth to ensure I’m always the best coach possible for you.

I expect your best. I’ll ask for your best and sometimes make direct requests. If you can’t give your best in the moment, I’ll understand and do what you need to be heard, supported, and helped back onto your path.

I expect honesty. I value honesty. I will be honest about what I’m observing, always with the intent of serving you. I will ask you to be honest with me in return. I will also ask you to be honest with yourself.

I ask questions and listen deeply. I will be curious and ask you many questions. When a question triggers awareness or possibility within you, I will hold the space and silence you need to think. Unlike some others in your life, I am listening for who you are with the intent of serving you rather than listening for what you bring to the table for me.

I use my intuition. I will share with you what my intuition tells me. I will ask you to be honest about whether my intuition has gotten things right.

I give homework. I will ask you to work on goals, actions, or mind shifts between one call and the next. Please let me know if I ask of you too much or not enough.

I want a lot for my clients. I have almost bottomless compassion and strength for my clients. I do not judge you and will ask you to embrace yourself. I will want more for your life than you can envision at times. Don’t be surprised if I sometimes push you to dream big.

I am your coach every day. Coaching sessions are often a catalyst for much bigger thinking and progress that occur between sessions. I am your coach beyond our actual sessions. Call or email me if you —

  • Have a problem or feel stuck
  • Have breakthrough awareness or mind shifts
  • Can’t wait to celebrate a win

What’s Next?

Contact us by booking a session or via email ( The worst case scenario is you gift yourself a few minutes to meet someone new, tell your story, and be heard. You then decide next steps; no pressure, and no strings attached.