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It’s a struggle.

My job – my purpose – is to support you in reconnecting with your humanness and leading yourself with more courage and whole-heartedness so you can thrive.

And part of doing so means supporting you in breaking free from the empty-calorie and often toxic noise we’re all drowning in.

On one hand, this means me advocating for us (including me) to unplug more. To end the scrolling and the clicking and the numbing of binging. To extract ourselves from auto-pilot and step into intention so we no longer fall prey to the neurohacking of our attention, time, and energy.

On the other hand, this means me being in, but not of, the noise. This means showing up in the negativity, fear, and rage to amplify others’ nourishing messages and to feed your hearts, minds, and souls with my own. And because the noise is expansive, this requires me showing up frequently and broadly to really infuse the noise while being mindful that it’s wrong to make you wander far and wide to find what you need. I have to wave my hand in here so we can find each other but not keep us here without purpose and intention.

So, it’s a struggle.

And I’m not sure what the best answer is. But here’s what I do know, which is always a good place to start: I know I don’t want you to feel compelled to add one more Facebook or LinkedIn group to your queue just so you can access what I provide in a more streamlined fashion. I don’t want you to feel like if you don’t check your feeds, you’ll miss something. I don’t want to bombard your inboxes or funnel you into oblivion.

So given what I know, here’s the strategy I’m piloting:

1.) This blog will serve as a round up of all my recent content and shares. This provides a centralized space you can come to with intention to look for what resonates and supports.

2.) I am also launching a monthly newsletter in March. This newsletter will curate some of my content and announcements with nuggets from other brilliant folks. The goal is to provide a place where we can learn, self-reflect, and nourish ourselves.

If you love the experiment, let me know. If you hate it, let me know. If you don’t care, that’s cool; bring on the crickets.

So, here goes…

January and February 2020 Round Up

Medium Articles

    • 5 Damaging Myths About Introverts
    • Don’t Tell Us to Stop Apologizing
    • When Highly Empathic Leaders Suffer

LinkedIn Posts

Check out why I hate “be fearless,” why you should be “more guinea pig” in tough conversations, and how the word “abundance” is often used in ways that are just scarcity thinking in sheep’s clothing. Or skim through the list and find the ones that resonate with you.

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