Are You Sabotaging Your Boundaries With These 2 Acts?

We humans have some truly amazing gifts. Things we do so effortlessly and well that we sometimes wonder if we are magical. (We are, by the way.) Most are super cool. Like creativity and problem solving and mind control. But some…well, some are the worst. Like self-sabotage. It’s a gift that just keeps on giving taking.

Pause. Reflect. Breathe.

Ok, now that we’re bummed pondering all the ways we engage in self-sabotage, I’m going to swoop in and be the super hero. (See how I did that? How I set myself up here? It’s a gift, too.) I’m going to spread joy by reminding us that once we are aware of self-sabotage, we can turn it off. Boom.

You may now be wondering, beyond making myself a joy spreader, why are we talking about self-sabotage anyways? Great question.

You see, today I want to share a simple process we can use to set our boundaries and have them honored. I call it CARE to make it easy to remember. You can call it whatever you’d like if CARE isn’t awesome enough for you.

I realize, though, that sharing CARE isn’t enough. For us to learn and practice CARE, we also have to reflect on what might get between us and CARE — those hurdles and challenges that get in our way and cause us to stumble. And this, my friends, is where self-sabotage comes in.

Many ways exist to sabotage ourselves when trying to set and honor our boundaries. But today, I want to talk about two in particular. These two crumble CARE before we even get started, so they are important to address up front.

To mix things up, I decided to share my thoughts via video (Facebook Live) rather than writing them down. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas after you’ve had a chance to watch. Please drop your wisdom and questions in the comments so we can collectively learn to CARE together.



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