Who You Are

You are smart, introspective, and seek meaning and purpose. You want an authentic personal and professional journey that feeds your mind, body, and spirit. You are done with the filters. Done with being pulled, drained, and overlooked. Done letting others decide who you are supposed to be and what you should do. You are ready to find your voice and chase your dreams. You are ready to journey and thrive. You are ready to take back your life; no regrets.

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Who We Are

Samantha Crowe, PhD, ACC founded Evalia Consulting LLC with the vision of a world made better through empowerment, connection, and growth. In pursuit of her vision, she wears many hats: coach, speaker, writer, mompreneur, and recovering neuroscientist. Samantha believes meaning and joy come from taking back one’s life and lifting each other up to rise together. She wants this meaning and joy for all of us. She wants it for you.

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